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ICTI CARE publishes new guidance for Toy Factories on avoiding peak season hiring pitfalls 


Our new responsible recruitment guide helps toy factories understand and avoid hiring pitfalls during peak toy production season.


The free guide includes an introduction on ethical recruitment issues to look out for at your factory, guidance on how to tackle these issues, and practical tips to help ensure you adhere to the ICTI CARE code.  


The guide also serves as a useful resource for brands and retailers to increase their understanding of issues their suppliers face during peak production season.


As the busy peak production season approaches, we encourage all toy factories to read this new responsible recruitment guidance and all brands and retailers to share it with their suppliers. Our technical team are on hand to provide further guidance on how to recruit responsibly.


The guide is available in English and Chinese and has been sent to all ICTI CARE Certified Factories. Subscribe to our newsletter to ensure you’re the first to hear our latest news and briefings.


We are thrilled that the resource has proved so popular, having been downloaded over 2,500 times so far. If you have not yet downloaded your copy we urge you to do so now and for toy brands & retailers to share it with their suppliers.


Download the guidance here: English / Chinese.