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Consultation on proposed updates to the ICTI CARE Program


ICTI CARE is excited to announce two proposed updates to the ICTI CARE program.

These updates include an enhanced, graded ICTI CARE Audit Checklist, the standard against which all factories are certified, and the introduction of a new Star Rating System for ICTI CARE Certification.

Proposed Updates:

1.    An enhanced, graded version of the ICTI CARE Audit Checklist

2.    A new Star Rating System to replace ICTI CARE's existing Factory Seal Classifications

Together, these updates provide a more sophisticated assessment of factory performance, helping to ensure that the ICTI CARE program remains relevant and continues to meet the evolving needs of all stakeholders that use it.

Stakeholder input is a crucial part of program development at ICTI CARE, and we invite all interested parties to review the proposed updates and share any feedback.

Full details on the proposed updates are available here.

Consultation on the proposed changes is now open and will run until 20th of November 2017 (it has been extended from 3rd to 20th November).