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Introducing Committed Brands

How do Brands and Retailers join the ICTI CARE Program?

Our Committed Brands PLUS Program offers toy brands and retailers a range of services, and a powerful supply chain management platform, to manage ethical risks at the toy factories you source from, monitor and report on progress, and drive standards.  

Toy brands and retailers join our Committed Brands program to access the full range of services and support we offer to drive responsible sourcing and protect the lives of workers in the toy industry.  

Features of the Committed Brands program include:

  • Free of charge training for factories means continual improvements 
  • Certifications means no critical or major non-compliances for Buyers to resolve  
  • Special Investigations team to respond to both potential and known risks at factories
  • Access to investigation reports and advanced support in tackling issues   
  • ICPS Responsible Sourcing Platform
  • Account Support               
  • Support of Helpdesk Team                               
  • Access to e-learning platform      
  • Issue management support           
  • Bespoke training events for sourcing teams            
  • Stakeholder & NGO Engagement support                

Demonstrating your commitment to Responsible Sourcing

Our Committed Brands program is designed to equip toy Brands and Retailers with everything they need to develop and implement effective Responsible Sourcing programs for their Toy and Entertainment industry supply chain.

  1. How to get started? As a basic first step, commit to sourcing toys from ICTI CARE certified factories.
  2. How to get the most out of the program? Join Committed Brands PLUS to develop your responsible sourcing program whilst saving time and money on monitoring your factories through the ICPS Responsible Sourcing Platform and the whole range of other Committed Brands PLUS tools and services.

Two tiers of commitment

Committed Brands BASIC

The Committed Brands Basic level is the entry level to the Committed Brands Program. This is the first step brands & retailers take in their journey towards responsible sourcing and rolling out the ICTI CARE Program across their supply base. At the Committed Brands Program Basic level, brands and retailers pledge their commitment by signing a form. Their company name will then be featured in our online public database ‘committed brands – basic commitment’.

Committed Brands PLUS

Committed Brands PLUS is for brands who want to make a bigger commitment to responsible sourcing. Once brands and retailers have established their adoption of the ICTI CARE Program and want to maximize the benefits of the program and capitalize on the skills and support of the ICTI CARE team on offer, they can progress to the PLUS tier.

Download our brochure to learn more about Committed Brands PLUS

This tier provides access to the new ICPS Responsible Sourcing Platform. This new online platform is integral to toy brands and retailers commitment to responsible sourcing. The platform offers a host of exciting new responsible sourcing tools and functionality to drive transparency, minimize risk, and help brands and retailers track, monitor, and manage toy factories in their program, all with the ultimate aim of driving improvements in the lives of workers.

Committed Brands PLUS Program Members

Argos iToys Smartlab
Ball, Bounce & Sport
Just Play Spinmaster Vivid Imaginations
Blokker Holding Mattel The Marketing Store
Worlds Apart
Crayola Micki Leksaker
Disney Proxy
Top Toy
Golden Bear Rainbow Designs
Toys R Us
Happy Worker Serabeena Tucker Toys  

How to join the Committed Brands PLUS Program

Download and fill in the agreement form and send it to join@icti-care.org

Details of company size and corresponding Committed Brands PLUS price:

Annual Income (USD)

Annual Fee (USD)

< $5 M


$6 M - $15 M


$16 M - $30 M


$31 M - $150 M


$151 M - $1.5 B


> $1.5 B


Read our brochure for more information about the Committed Brands PLUS program: