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ICTI CARE Certified Factory Search

The search function below enables you to see the ICTI CARE certification status of a factory. 

Committed Brands PLUS members have access to advanced search functionality, detailed factory audit data, and enhanced responsible sourcing tools.

You can search the database by name, factory ID or Seal No. (i.e. 123456)



Notes on ICTI CARE Certification

Once we are confident that a factory has met the ICTI CARE Process (ICP) requirements, as confirmed by an external and unannounced audit, ICTI CARE issues a "Seal of Compliance". The "Seal of Compliance" must be renewed annually, based on continuing, audit-verified, annual compliance with our requirements. ICTI CARE will then reissue the seal for the following year if audit data confirms that the factory continues to meet our standards.

An image and definition of each new class of seal is here for your reference, terminology and definitions of our Seal of Compliance/Factory Status is available here.